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Considerations to make when choosing garage door openers

01/04/2014 Back To Blog

It is not always that you will need a garage door contractor to help you out with the choice of a garage door opener. You can think about it yourself. Further more, it is your garage so go for what you think is right. Make sure that you go and see the garage door opener prices and choose one that is okay with your budget. However, there are some things that you have to consider if you do not want the help of anyone from a garage door company in Altadena.Considerations to make when choosing garage door openers

The power it has

No matter how much you try this out, you will need help. California has a lot of garage door companies that can help you to determine this. Before you choose garage door openers, you need to know the amount of weight that your garage door has. The opener is the one that will be controlling the opening and closing of the garage door so it needs to have a lot of weight than it. They are usually written on the openers so do need to worry much. You will need a professional if the garage door has not been written the weight on it.

The amount of noise it makes

There are some openers that have a lot of noise and others are very silent. This depends on the position of your garage. If the garage is next to the house or to the office, you need to get an opener that is quiet. You can ask the person who you find on the counter for help. The amount of noise it makes depends on the type of drivers it has. Moreover, you need to get the best garage door company to fix the opener for you.

Check on the driver types

As indicated in the previous paragraph, the noise that is made by an opener depends on the type of drivers it has. The belt drives for instance do not make any noise at all. They are made of rubber that looks like a belt. They also do not break easily so they will serve you for sometime before you think of replacing them. For the screw drives, they use a rod of metal that has been made to look like screw. They are very noisy and this tells you that you should not have such openers when the garage is near a building that people work or live in. Chain drives are the noisiest of the three because they use a chain that is made of metal to close and open the garage door. You have the information so the ball is in your court.

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