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Garage Door Springs

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One very important part of a garage door together with tracks and the cable are the springs. If you are an Altadena, California resident, then one thing that you will need to pay attention to are your garage door springs and how to keep them in top condition.Garage Door Springs

In Altadena, there are 2 main garage door spring types. Most commonly used is the extension spring, widely used in single stall home garage doors.  This type of spring can stretch along the overhead part of the door track helping the door to open and close. The torsion spring on the other hand is mounted on the header right above the door but this one do not expand or contract unlike the extension spring. Most people prefer the torsion spring because of this, considering them to be much safer to use than the other. Common garage door repair are as follows.

  • Repair of galvanized garage door torsion springs
  • Replacement of garage door torsion springs
  • Repair of broken garage door spring
  • Overhead door springs replacement
  • Repair of torsion coil trampoline springs
  • Extension garage door springs replacement

Professional does not recommend that you replace or repair any of the garage door part on your own because it is highly dangerous. A heavy spring can cause fatal injury to somebody who does not have experience in handling them. It is very important that you let somebody who is certified and trained to do them. By doing so, not only are you assured that the repair or the replacement will be done correctly, you and your family members will also be safe from the possible injury in can cause.

Keeping your garage well maintained will help keep unexpected damage at bay, regular lubrication, cleaning and check-up will help prolong the life of your garage door thus giving you convenience and savings in the long run compared to having to get it repaired.

It is a fact though that even with proper care, garage doors are being constantly used so it will get wear and tear in time. When this happens, you can call our garage door company in Altadena and we will bring back your garage door to its usual glory. We can repair and replace them for you at the most affordable rate. Our experts will thoroughly check your garage door and correct any minor or major problem. We can even set a regular schedule for your garage door maintenance so you can avoid major repairs.

Our garage door in Altadena, California is open 24 hours a day

7 days a week to respond to any garage door problem. We also cater to same day services and emergency assistance. All you have to do is call us and one of our knowledgeable staff will attend to you right away. You do not have to worry about your garage door at all, we accept all kinds of garage door service needs in Altadena. For years we have been the trusted company in the area and we strive to keep it at that.

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