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Learn the best maintenance tricks

Great tips about ways to keep the garage door panel for years.

Get doors with safety glass

If you want to get glass garage doors, make sure they are made by safety glass. The experts of Garage Door Repair Altadena say that this is the best way to ensure avoidance of accidents should the glass breaks. In this case, the pieces of glass will just remain put, won't scatter and, thus, won't hurt you.

Choose openers carefully

Today, most branded garage door openers come with great standard features and have many capacities according to the specialists of our repair company in Altadena. Though, you must make sure you'll get the right horsepower for your own door depending on its weight. You must also make sure the opener is suitable for your garage door mechanism.

Get to know the safety beams

The safety beams of modern garage door openers are basically infrared electronic beams, which scan the area of the door's entrance and are mounted about 5-6 inches above the floor. When the beams coming from the two sides of the door are interrupted by an obstacle (person, object, car), the reverse mechanism is activated.

Invest in maintenance products

Similar to an automobile, a garage door has its maintenance products as well. These include lubricants, antirust, and other items, especially for more sophisticated systems. Our experts recommend investing in good maintenance products to make sure that your garage door will last long without suffering early deterioration and damage.

Call our experts at the first sign of trouble with your garage door

You know that when your garage door becomes inoperative, it's always a major inconvenience. Whether it's a broken spring or the door going off track, your door can become extremely dangerous and fall without warning. Our specialists are at your service to properly repair and maintain your door in peak operating condition. Give us a call or visit our popular website for maintenance or repair of your home's garage door.

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